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Represents as a reminder that your not dead.

Every day is a chance to live and be inspired.

 Go for a run, read a book, drink a beer or climb a mountain.

Echale Ganas/Give life everything you got no matter how many times you have been down.

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Not Dead Threads was founded by Karina and Vanessa, two sisters who wanted to share their passions and love for life with the world. We started with a blog called The Misfit Joggers, where we documented our running adventures, mental health insights and life learnings.

We eventually decided to take a chance and start our own business, and Not Dead Threads was born. We offer a unique selection of clothing and accessories that are inspired by our love for running, learning, mental health and life. We invite you to browse our shop and hopefully you will find something that motivates you or that speaks to you and your passions.

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